Thank you for visiting the Georgia Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Resources Division blog.  The WRD blog is a resource for those interested in hunting, fishing, conservation, boating and law enforcement efforts across the state.

The goal for this blog is to give visitors an up to date look at what goes into making Georgia one of the top states in the country for hunting, fishing, boating, and what it takes to maintain the diverse wildlife in our state.

Through the end of 2011, the WRD is also celebrating its 100th year anniversary!  To view the history of our past 100 years, visit out our WRD Centennial Website.  Remember, you can also visit the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division Website to find out any additional information on the WRD and hunting, fishing, boating and wildlife in Georgia.

We appreciate your interest in the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division!


5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Billy Register

    saw abald eagle in ben hill county was able to go get several people to view it, it seemed to be guarding a wild hog carcass


  2. Sherri Aaron

    When will the public Fishing area in Pulaski/Bleckley county
    GA be open again? It was closed due to water leakage. I have heard spring of 2014 and I have heard spring of 2015. We sure do miss it being open.


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