Increasing Fish Habitat on Lake Allatoona

Angler volunteer, Russ Avery, securing a sweet gum tree to the bank with a steel cable so it doesn’t float away.

By: Jim Hakala, Wildlife Resources Division Fisheries Biologist

A group of angler volunteers, under the direction of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and US Army Corps of Engineers, were working hard this past Saturday to enhance fishing opportunities on Lake Allatoona. The group toppled and secured 136 shoreline trees that will provide underwater fish habitat for a number of game fish such as spotted and largemouth bass, sunfish, crappie and catfish.

Since 2008, the shoreline tree cutting program has toppled more than 1,000 trees along the shores of this aging reservoir. The trees are all carefully selected and approved for cutting by the Corps of Engineers, and have exposed root structures that eventually break away from the bank over time.  By cutting them before they topple into the lake, the stump and rootwad left on the bank stabilizes the soil and prevents sediment from ending up in the reservoir.

This is just the latest of many projects of the fish habitat program, and continues to be well received by Allatoona anglers.

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9 thoughts on “Increasing Fish Habitat on Lake Allatoona

  1. James

    Good job, we all appreciate the efforts and concern for Allatoona…now if a plan could be made to hold water levels higher into the FaLL months anglers could take advantage of the fishing opportunities and enjoy the lake for a longer season.


  2. Lee

    would love to see if cypress trees could be planted and survive. Especially on the high points out in the lake. Would stop a lot of the erosion and provide habitat


  3. on the lake a lot

    Think of how much mud and soil wash into the lake each year because the Stupid “Corp of Idiots” lowers the lake very low each year. Come on folks, if the Corp was concerned with the health of our lake they would NOT drop the lake level so low each year..Typical Government agency…I keep hearing flood control, but all I see is mud…


  4. larry harper

    Have noticed trees toppled around Kellogg Creek and Red Top Mountain (Iron Hill) in the past. I’m all for it. I do hope it helps the habitat for the fish and solves an erosion problem at the same time. Thanks to the volunteers!


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