Worldwide Bacon Shortage? We Got Pork

Stock up now! Go hog hunting in Georgia.

The headlines today report an expected bacon shortage and price increase.  Fear not!  There is no limit and no closed season on hunting feral hogs in Georgia.  And depending on your appetite and meat processor, you can stock away a ton (maybe not literally) at a reasonable price while getting fresh air and exercise in the great outdoors.  Don’t forget, you’re doing other wildlife populations a favor by removing this invasive species!

Feral hogs may be taken on Wildlife Management Areas during any open season with the legal weapons for that season, unless specified otherwise.  Some WMAs offer specialty hog hunts as well. Here are a few WMAs where you’re likely to have hog hunting success this fall:

  • Pine Log WMA
  • Lake Russell WMA
  • Oaky Woods WMA
  • Ocmulgee WMA
  • Chickasawhatchee WMA
  • Richmond Hill WMA

For more information on feral hog regulations and public hunting opportunities on Wildlife Management Areas, check the Georgia Hunting Seasons & Regulations 2012-2013 publication, available online at . See pages 28 and 35 for specifics in print version.  A complete listing of WMAs offering specialty feral hog hunts can be found on page 61 of the publication.

Click HERE for bacon recipes!

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6 thoughts on “Worldwide Bacon Shortage? We Got Pork

  1. You are totally right, there are plenty of hogs to go around here in Georgia. I do not think that we are anywhere close to a shortage. I know many farmers that would love folks to thin out the hogs on their property. Hog hunting in Georgia is only going to rise since the pace at which hogs breed and reproduce is one of the highest and fastest for large mammals.


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